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He was born in Nagoya city in Aichi prefecture on 20th Sugust 1969.

Moved to Seto city in Aichi when he was 5 years old in 1974

In Elementary school days
He got engrossed in Mortorcycle, and pedaled along many roads around.
He also awaked to act Boy Scouts.

He graduated from Hachiman Elementary School in Seto, Koryo Junior High School in Seto,
Department of Architecture; Kogei High School in Nagoya.
He belonged to Mountaineering club in the high school days and
got engrossed in climbing the Northern Alps and Suzuka Mountain Range.

He was interested in Motocross, too and started to participate the motocross match.
Finally he got an international lisence of motocross B class.

March 1989
After graduated from High school, he worked as a manufacturer in those days.
He deceided to save money to go abroad and run and ride by his motorcycle.

November 1991
He made a journey by the motorcycle in Austraria with his friend.

May 1992
He came back to Japan and the worked so hard in order to save money
for a journey around the world.

April 1994
He started a journey around the world with his wife.
They have visited 43 countries and taked one year and 9 months to journey.

January 1996
They came back to Japan from their journey.

April 1996 
He entered the night college of Aichi Cooking College.
He also worked at a cater's shop while studying at night college.

August 1997
He retired the cater's shop due to the personal reason.

August 1997
He started to work at a cafeteria of a certain foundation as a chef.
He supported a lot of trainees from each country around the world
by maiking their each country food.

September 1997
He graduated from the night college of Aichi Cooking College
He acquired Cooking Lisece of being an expert chef and especially school lunch service.

March 2000
He retired a certain foundation due to the fundation's official reason.

May to August 2000
He made a tour around Asia all by himself to study South Indian Food.

October 2010
He started the business of Mobile selling vehicle
to spread South Indian Common Food "MASALA DOSA".

May 2012
He opened his restaurant "South Indian Food Restaurant KARNATAKA"

January to March 2016
He has run through 5800km by his motorcycle in India to make a study Indian food culture
futhermore,and visit at first from Delhi, next is Agra and Lalitpur, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Hampi, Gokarna,
Udupi, Kannur, Kochi, Lakshadweep, Alleppey, Kanyakumari, Rameswaram, Mahabalipuram,
Chennai, to Bangaluru.



The Days of Mobile Selling Vehicle

Owner Tsuchiya, he has started a bisuiness of Mobile Selling Vehicle
to spread South Indian Common Food "MASALA DOSA" in Japan.
His activity of Mobile Selling Vehicle was from October 2010 to April 2012.
We appreciate for your continuous support from this preiod.

After this business Mobile Selling Vehicle,
we opened South Inidian Food Restaurant KARNATAKA from MAY 2012.

You can see his activities on LINK page in those days.